Protect your Employees
and your Business.


Reduce the probability of COVID-19 transmission at your workplace through a smart virus testing strategy and convenient at-home sampling


safeTogether is a turnkey solution for European enterprises to reduce the risks of workplace-related virus transmission.

It is built upon convenient at-home sampling of saliva and cost-efficient virus testing at high-throughput facilities.

safeTogether applies a risk and need-adapted testing regimen to support the voluntary screening of employees and optionally their household members for COVID-19

The three key innovation elements of safeTogether


Obtaining a saliva sample in the privacy of your home is convenient and time-saving. It can be performed regularly under standardised conditions.


Additional samples from household members may be obtained to further reduce risks under specific circumstances, such as return from travel, or periodically.


Testing schedules of employees are dynamically adjusted to the company’s internal and external risk exposures and their tolerance for risks.

Three levels of engagement


Exposure of employees to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case is followed up by next-morning sampling of all employees that may have been a source of infection or may have been exposed. Reactive surveillance is a core pillar of corporate COVID-19 risk management.


In addition to a reactive scheme, companies may decide to cover parts or all of their workforce with an active surveillance programme, with a regular testing scheme.


Mission-critical and highly vulnerable employees may be protected with a tailored programme, with optional testing of household members.

Future Directions

Meeting future

As the next phase of the pandemic is underway, we will continue refining our safeTogether programme to meet the needs of the changing times.


With vaccines arriving, we will offer tests to assess your immune protection against COVID-19 that will then be incorporated within our programme.

tuned …

Check back soon for more updates!

How the web app works

The process of obtaining and registering your saliva sample is easily managed through our SafeTogether web application.

app screen

The process is simple

Complete your Profile

Obtain and register your sample at home

Receive results and recommendations directly within the application

Read your personalised schedule for future tests

Invite household members to participate (optional / event-driven)

We aggregate pseudonymised data from different employees and companies, so that your employer can make informed decisions regarding safety at the workplace, without compromising your personal privacy.

Benefits of safeTogether

safeTogether offers a turn-key risk mitigation solution for employers and their employees, addressing the challenges of workplace-related COVID-19 infection in an adaptive manner over coming years.

Benefits for Employers
Benefits for Employees

Manage risks

We support you in assessment of your risks and in selection of a dynamic virus-testing strategy to ensure business continuity

Gain productivity

Our program enables you to find the right mix of remote working and in-person interactions, ending social isolation

Secure health & safety

Employees, their household members, business partners, and customers are affirmed of your commitment to their health and safety

Lead innovation

Our customers reinforce their competitive position by implementing safeTogether as a trademarked label for COVID-19 protection, and as standard-setting tool for pandemic preparedness

Privacy and confidentiality

With high-quality safety and security measures in place, Megeno acts as a trusted intermediary between the employer and employees and their household members.

Megeno accomplishes this by applying rigorous privacy and data protection measures combined with an innovative governance and oversight mechanism.

Administers safeTogether to employees and their household members on behalf of the employer

Provides privacy-preserving data to the employer for assessment of company risks and to enable a “smart” testing scheme

Ensures privacy and confidentiality of information from employees and household members

Facilitates management of test-positive cases

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